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Zartek ZA-748 Small & Compact Two-Way Radio

R 985.21

Licence free use on preset public frequencies and 500mW power

  • Extra Long Range
  • Li-ion Battery with long operating time
  • Plug-in Charger
  • Small, Compact & Durable
  • 16 Channels


  • License-free radio on both 5 and 8 band.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with direct plug in charging.
  • Pre-programmed 16 channels (446 & 464 MHz compatible
  • High-impact splash-proof casing. Robust, Compact and Lightweight.
  • Lamp and Call Ring fuction on side button
  • Scrambler, Scan, Compander, VOX programmable.
  • Channels/Functions programmable via PC(optional)
  • External Antenna Kit (optional).
  • Upgradeable 2W power on UHF band 400-470MHz (license req.).
  • Ideal for Semi-continuous Use, Events, Outdoor, Hotels, Security, Factory, Construction.


  • Pre-programmed 16 Channels
  • Power Output 500mW License Free / 2W Licenced
  • Tones 50 CTCSS / 104 DCS
  • Crystal Clear Loud Audio
  • High Impact Casing, Compact & Lightweight
  • Long Battery Life & Low Battery Alert
  • Channel Announce
  • External Microphone / Speaker Jack (single pin)
  • LED Light
  • One Functional Side Key
  • Multi-functions: VOX, Scrambler, Call Ring, Emergency Alarm, Priority Scan, Compander, Battery Level, PTT ID DTMF (Programmable)
  • Channels / Functions Programmable via PC (Optional)
  • Programming Read / Write Password Protected (Optional)
  • External Car / House Antenna Kit (Optional)
  • Approved by ICASA
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • IDEAL for Security use, Factories, Farming, Hotels, Events & Heavy Duty use

Range: (terrain dependent):

  • Indoors: 600m-1.2km
  • Outdoors: 2-6km
  • Elevated line-of-sight: 10-30km

Compatible to all license-free radios
446 MHz (8 Freq.) & 464 MHz (5 Freq.):
Zartek ZA-758, ZA-705, ZA-708, COM8 & Pro8 Radio (446 MHz)
Zartek Pro5 & ZA-200 Radio (Model# 21-1860AF) (464 MHz)

Licence free use on preset public frequencies and 500mW power
Upgradeable: 2W power on UHF band 400-470MHz (license req.)

ZA-748 Handheld UHF FM Transceiver
Plug-in Charger Adaptor
Li-ion Battery Pack 1250mAH
Belt Clip
Detachable Rubber Antenna
Users Manual


Quick press to send CALL Tone
Hold in to turn LAMP ON


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